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Apply morning and evening to problem areas (stomach, legs, bottom and upper arms) and massage in gently.

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Botarin effectively combats the underlying causes of ageing skin. Lines are reduced; your face looks firmer and noticeably rejuvenated.

Botarin‘s successful formula is based on the combination of active ingredients Argireline® and Easyliance®. Argireline is primarily known for its relaxing effect, whilst Easyliance restores skin‘s natural resilience and elasticity.

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150 ml

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CHF 50.00 / 100 ml

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1-3 days

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All Skin Types; Age +30

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  • The innovative active ingredient Corum, a warming agent, targets cellulite in the affected areas. A feeling of warmth is generated, whose strength depends on the degree of clogging and which lasts for about an hour.
  • Slimfit, the innovative, detoxifying active ingredient from the Amazon is harvested from the bark of the pulpwood tree and visibly helps to eliminate the dimples caused by cellulite.

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Botarin Intense Lifting Night Cream Quick View

Intense Lifting Night Cream

Basic Price: CHF 258.00 / 100 ml Size: 50 ml The rich, firming and nourishing night cream is packed with active ingredients. Argireline + Easyliance provide an immediate as well as long lasting lifting effect.
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Intense Lifting Bust Beauty Cream Quick View

Intense Lifting Bust Beauty Cream

Basic Price: CHF 72.00 / 100 ml Size: 100 ml Firms and nourishes the bust and neckline. The cream reduces fine lines, visibly improves the skin's elasticity and combats age spots.
CHF 24.90 Add to cart
Botarin Anti Aging Hand Care Quick View

Anti Aging Hand Care

Basic Price: CHF 31.00 / 100 ml Size: 100 ml Nourishing hand cream with anti-aging effect, protects agains UVA and UVB radiation. Botarin's Hand Care moisturises, combats dry and rough skin as well as age spots on the hands.
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Quick View

Intense Lifting Serum XL

Basic Price: CHF 496.65 / 100 ml Size: 30 ml The intensive lifting serum visibly rejuvenates and firms the skin. High concentrates of Argireline + Easyliance provide an intense lifting effect.
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