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How To Use

Evenly apply Greenland Milky body lotion to clean skin and massage gently. Ensure that the body lotion is entirely absorbed by the skin. For extremely dry parts of skin additional body lotion can be applied.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Milky – Brand Values

The Milky line from Greenland is a range of natural skincare products, based on soft, creamy and silky milks. The beautiful scent combinations have unique properties. The Greenland Milky skincare products are a great solution for sensitive and dry skin. All Greenland Milky products are both soothing and stimulating, so prepare yourself for a real skin treat. Milky is free of parabens and artificial colours. Just Milky!

rice milk & vanilla: Rice milk contains many vitamins and minerals that are good for dry skin and dry hands. Vanilla not only smells delicious but also helps to purify the skin. This exotic and warm combination is perfect for sensitive skin.

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100 ml

Basic Price

CHF 11.90 / 100 ml

Delivery Time

1-3 days

Suitable for

Dry and sensitive skin

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evie beauty - greenland milky body scrub, rice milk - vanilla Quick View

Milky Body Scrub Rice Milk & Vanilla

Basic Price: CHF 5.95 / 100 ml Size: 200 ml Milky body scrub contains rice milk, vanilla and glycerine, which nurture the skin. It removes dead skin cells mildly and intensely, while stimulating blood circulation. Skin will feel velvety smooth and fresh. Milky products use milk as a basis. The ingredients have been carefully selected.
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Greenland Fruit Emotions Giftset Lime-Vanilla Quick View

Fruit Emotions Giftset: Lime-Vanilla

Basic Price: CHF 7.65 / 100 ml Size: 200 + 100 ml An excellent Fruit Emotions gift set to give or receive as a present! It contains a shower gel and body butter with the essential oils of lime and vanilla and a scrubbing glove. The mild shower gel and scrubbing glove will cleanse and smoothen your skin. The creamy body butter is a wonderfully soft way to provide after-shower nurturing. Just emotions!
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evie beauty - greenland milky shower foam, almond milk - vanilla Quick View

Milky Shower Foam Rice Milk-Vanilla

Basic Price: CHF 7.45 / 100 ml Size: 200 ml This natural, rich, thick foam contains rice milk and vanilla and is a wonderful cleaning product that will soften and freshen up your skin. The bottle has been pressurized purely with air and is free of gas propellant. This means that 99.99% of the contents will be used.
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Greenland Fruit Emotions, hand cream, lime - vanilla Quick View

Fruit Emotions Hand Cream Lime-Vanilla

Basic Price: CHF 15.80 / 100 ml Size: 50 ml Never have dry, raw hands again with this ultra-nurturing hand cream. It contains the essential oils of lime and vanilla in combination with cocoa butter, glycerin and vitamin B5. Contains 98% ingredients of natural origin.
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